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Woman Hopes Become Beauty Queen After Amazing Jaw and Dental Surgery

Ellie Jones was born with a jaw deformity that meant a rare condition stunting the growth of her jawbones.Miss Jones, a shop attendant from Rhyl, is now expected to be crowned Miss Wales.

She is competing to become a beauty queen - after having thrilling surgery to fix her curved face.

Ellie Jones, 20, was born with a congenital facial deformity that meant her teeth were not aligned. 

She went to have braces fitted aged 14 and her orthodontist realized her jaw hadn't grown since she was eight.

Miss Jones, from Rhyl in Wales, visited a maxillofacial surgeon who helped transform her life over the next six years. 

And now she is hoping to be crowned Miss Wales after going from an 'ugly duckling' to a 'beautiful swan'.

The shop assistant said: 'I was so shy because of it. I feel like a different person now.

'I have so much more confidence, I feel like the ugly duckling that's finally become the swan.'

Her first operation was when she was 16 and was 'really painful', leaving her unable to talk.

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